CASI Global New York and SIES School of Business Studies presents a 2 Day ‘International Conference‘ (Online) | 4 & 5 Sept 2020.

Topic: “Aligning Business Strategy with CSR & Sustainability”

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SIES School of Business Studies

# Prof. Dr. Durga Surekha
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# Prof. (Dr.) Lalitha Pillai
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# Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Nair
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CSR Diary
# Dr. Mitez Sheth | Trustee

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Conference Brochure:

CASI - SIES International Conference on CSR (Brochure: Page 1)
CASI - SIES International Conference on CSR (Brochure: Page 2)

Advisory Committee Members:

Prof. Paresh Sheth | Board Member | CASI Global New York
Dr. Bigyan Verma | Director | SIES College of Management Studies

Our Distinguished Speakers:

Alpa Antani | Consulate General of the Kingdom of The Netherlands | India
Rev Amaris Nana Adjei PERBI | Vodafone | Ghana
Christoph Klein | ESG Portfolio Management | Frankfurt

Our Distinguished Speakers:

Francis Xaviour Joe | Accuvio Sustainability Reporting | Kaula Lumpur
Helle Bank Jorgensen | Competent Boards | Canada
Kudakwashe Mujeka | United Nations Council of Indigenous People | Zimbabwe

Our Distinguished Speakers:

Patrik Lund | Lund Advisors | China
Rodney Ndamba | Institute for Sustainability Africa | Zimbabwe


CASI-SIES Conference Organising Committee:

Prof. Dr. Durga Surekha | SIES
Prof. Dr. Lalitha Pillai | SIES
Prof. Dr. Rajesh Nair | SIES
Dr. Mitez Sheth | Trustee; CSR Diary
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