Ms. Sunita Sinha - Global Business Development & CSR, Charter Global, Inc.

CSR and Sustainability is a Platform of Innovative Leadership to implement strategies with Ethical Economic, Social and Environmental responsibility in this world. CSR plays a holistic approach and integral part in the progress, growth, development of Corporate Organizations, Humanitarian Organizations and a significant role in the life of the Students, Academicians, and Leaders of the Society. The convergence of CSR and Sustainability forms the core of the Companies Act, 2013.This concept integrates the Corporations with the Economic, Social and Environmental objective of the Business to grow in this World

The evolution of CSR is directly responsible towards the welfare of the Corporate Citizenship, Strategic Philanthropy, Shared Value, and Corporate Sustainability aiming at business responsibility. CSR is incorporated by Shareholders and Sustainability is incorporated by Stakeholders of the Society for example Employee, Communities, Religious Groups, Suppliers, Media, NGOs as a collaborative process of debate, discussion, research which are the primary needs of the Corporations to determine the Stakeholders across the entire Spectrum.


CSR Maturity Model (CMM) stands as Awareness, Understanding, Contribution, Engagement, Advocacy

CSR and Sustainability plays an important role in the SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES (SME) in enhancing their entrepreneurship, investment and growth. India contributes to 48 Million SMEs which helps in the Economic Growth of the Country. CSR is beneficial in Employment Creation, Enhancing Innovation and facilitating in the Competitiveness of the Economy in the SME Sector. This would increase their competitive advantage and enhance awareness and loyalty in the Consumer, Stakeholders, and Shareholders. We should encourage the SMEs to adopt the CSR Culture which would build models of business excellence with a balance between Economic, Social, and Environmental Goals in the Industry.

We can say that CSR and Sustainability meets the present needs of the business in the human society with a goal to balance the objectives of the Organizations in designing, developing, implementing programme and policies that have Sustainability at the core of all CSR activities in this World.