Ms. Priyanka Sharma, Project Officer - Community Health | Adani Foundation

“Corporate Social Responsibility is not only accountability of a limited section of people; it becomes a collective responsibility of all the employees working in achieving the vision of an organization. The organizational goals should be in congruence to the societal goals. Not only the surrounding 10 km radius area but the extent of benefitting the communities should be exceeded ensuring better livelihood, healthy sustenance, quality education and strong rural infrastructure.

The approach of CSR need not always be philanthropic in nature.Engaging the community in the industrial business by utilizing their potential and capabilities is indicative of an organization’s responsible attitude towards the society.

Apart from being generous to humans, the industries also should contribute towards being environmentalists by taking measures on water conservation, increase tree plantation, putting their endeavors in waste management etc.

Hence, a corporate irrespective of its business profit, should contribute towards the development and sustenance of the society which provide it’s ample resources in the form of human, land and capital. “

I wish CASI all the very best for the initiatives it is taking to spread awareness about Corporate Social Responsibility and its importance which I am sure will empower and awaken the citizens across the globe.